Apps Introduction

The Apps tab lets you activate extra features of RSpace to suit your needs.

These features include:

  • external file storage services (Box, OneDrive, Egnyte, Google Drive, ownCloud and Dropbox)
  • sample management (eCAT)
  • chemistry support (ChemAxon sketcher/chemical search)
  • messaging (Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts)
  • data repositories (Figshare, Dataverse and GitHub)
  • publication repositories (Mendeley)
  • protocols (

Enabling apps

By default, these apps are not enabled, so you need to opt-in to enable them. To activate any of the these apps, click on the Apps tab:

You can use the top bar to filter by type. Click on any icon to learn more about how the app works, and to enable or disable it.

If you're on an RSpace Enterprise instance and some or all of these icons are greyed out, it’s because the RSpace administrators for your installation don’t make that app available. Please request to them to make the app(s) available.

Below is a screenshot for the Box Integration App. Click on Enable to activate an app; once activated, the functionality is immediately available. You will have to refresh any documents to have the icon available in the toolbar.

Using apps while editing a document

All of the activated apps will place an icon in the editor toolbar so that you can use them while editing a document or notebook entry. Here is a screenshot showing all Apps enabled:

Learn more

You can find information about specific integrations on the integrations information page, or watch the video tutorial.

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