Configuring availability of Apps (for System Admins)

The following information is only applicable to an Enterprise instance of RSpace.

The System Admin can set the availability of Apps across an entire RSpace instance. If an App is not available, no user users will be able to access the App. If the App is available, users can individually choose to enable it or not for their accounts.

So, for example, if your institution does not want users to link to information on external filestores such as Dropbox or Box, then you can prevent users from using RSpace’s Box/Dropbox integrations  by making these Apps unavailable. (Of course, if a user insists on using Dropbox and manually inserting links to Dropbox into RSpace, that is not something that RSpace can stop).

To set up the configuration, navigate to System->Configuration->System Settings

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.50.40

Each setting can be set independently. Most are simple boolean switches.

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Read about the Apps that are being configured.

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