Inventory API Introduction 🧪

Inventory is currently in development. Check out RSpace Inventory Hub if you wish to gain access to a demo build.
The Inventory API is currently under active development and not yet guaranteed to be stable. We will work on documenting the stability of the API as we work towards the Beta in September 2021.

Inventory is being developed with an API-first approach. As a result, all of the actions that can be performed through the user interface can also be performed through the API.

As we move towards the Beta release in September 2021, we intend to provide worked examples and code snippets in Bash and Python in our Github repo. Any suggestions or contributions are always welcome via pull requests.

API Key Authentication and Swagger Documentation

The steps for obtaining your API key, authenticating, and accessing the documentation are similar to the ELN steps described in RSpace API Introduction. Please note you will have to generate an API key on the Inventory-enabled RSpace instance at, and the Swagger documentation is available at

To switch between RSpace ELN and Inventory APIs on Swagger, use the "Select a definition" dropdown:

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