The Lab Admin Role

By default, when new members are added to your LabGroup, they have the role of ‘User’. This role means they are simply group members, with the ability to easily share with the entire group or to contact other group members easily from their view of the group page. But, users only see the left side of the group page and see none of the editing options – to them it is simply a point of contact.

As PI of the group, you can choose to give selected members additional powers within the group by changing their role from User to Lab Admin. Having a Lab Admin enables you to delegate some of the PI’s group management capabilities to other group members for day-to-day administration purposes. A Lab Admin has the ability to add and remove group members and otherwise edit within the group page. But, they don’t get the PI’s ability to see all group members’ work – they still have to have work explicitly shared with them to be able to view it. If you want to elevate a group member to Lab Admin status:

Locate the user in your LabGroup’s members list. In the actions column, next to Remove, is an option to Change Role. Click and select the Lab Admin role in the drop-down, you can also allow this user to view all group documents if required. You can appoint as many Lab Admins as you like, but remember, they can make major changes to your group.

Click again in the Change Role link and select User to revoke a member’s Lab Admin privileges.

If you have been invited by another user to be PI of a LabGroup, you will find that when you accept the role, the person who set up the group and invited you has also been installed within the group with the Lab Admin role – this is to initially allow them to make invitations to the group either while creating the group or in the time before you accepted the PI role, and they will continue in this role until you or they revoke the status.

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