Tagging Documents

You can add tags to any document you can edit – just add them as a comma-separated list in the ‘Tags’ textbox at the top-right-hand side of the document view. Current tags are displayed in the this location,  and the current list can always be edited if you have edit permission on the document.


Tags can be searched for, and are a very powerful way to organise and aggregate your research documents in multiple ways – for example by grant number, project, or publication, or simply as a collective name for a related or themed set of documents. To view only a selection of documents marked with a particular tag, choose ‘Tag’ in the Workspace search drop-down and enter the identifying term you have tagged a series of entries or documents with – the search returns a table of results which only shows items containing the particular tag. Tagging documents makes them easier to find and collects them in search results with similarly tagged related content.

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