Sharing Content (for Enterprise)

This feature works differently in RSpace Community: Sharing with Individuals (for Community)

Sharing documents and working collaboratively on them is an essential and core workflow in RSpace. Crucially, sharing is limited to the members of your LabGroup or LabGroups. This is to enable PIs to have privacy, ownership and control over the work produced in their lab. Wider collaborations can be enabled on a PI to PI basis, but essentially the sharing options available to a researcher in a LabGroup are to share with all of, or a selection of, their colleagues in their lab. Any stand alone users on the system who are not in any LabGroups can create documents, but they will not see any options to share.

For any user in a group, the workflow for sharing content is as follows:

Select any document or documents in your Workspace that you would like to share by selecting the checkbox at the left of its entry in the  main Workspace table. Then choose ‘Share’ from the sub-menu which appears under the main toolbar once any document is selected.

A dialog appears, and the default first option is to share with your LabGroup, or with any  of a choice of LabGroups if you are in more than one. Selecting a group in this form and submitting will share any checked documents with all members of the chosen group. Setting a Read/Edit permission here will apply to all group members.


If you don’t want to share your document with all of the members of a group, you can instead make a selection and share only with your choices. To do this, select the second header bar in the dialog, labelled ‘Share with Users’. This opens a second form view, showing a list of all available users you can share with – which will be all the individuals in any LabGroups you are in. Now, you can select the checkbox beside any individual to share with them, and set individual permissions for reading or editing the document(s).

Documents Shared with You

When another user shares a document with you, it is added to the associated LabGroup folder within your Shared folder. Your Shared folder is located in your Workspace, and is also accessible using the ‘Shared With Me’ filter in the Workspace toolbar options.

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