Omero Integration

This is alpha software, it will only run on and it can only be used with data on the Omero demo server at

Sign up for an account on the RSpace secondary demos server: This will allow you to use our demo Omero Integration with data on the Omero demo server. Enable Omero on the RSpace Apps page and enter your username/password for your account on the Omero demo server. Click 'connect'. You will be taken to a page with a success message.

An Omero icon will now be visible in the texteditor for RSpace documents:

The Omero Integration will display data from your demos account.

Your images will not be shown initially. Click on the link - 'show wells' (or 'show images') in order to load this data as well.

Click on 'see in omero' to see the original data on the omero server.

Uncheck the 'show all data' checkbox if you do not want to see Annotations or Image Data.

Enter text into 'Filter Results' then hit 'return' - only matching rows of data will now be displayed.

Click on the checkbox on the left to select a row(s) of data or on the top checkbox (next to 'Type') to select all rows of data. Click on the 'Insert' button at the bottom right of the window to save all selected data into your RSpace document.

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