Inviting and Removing Users

Inviting Users

To invite new users to your LabGroup, first navigate to the group’s page, either by selecting the MyRSpace tab – as PI of a group, you will automatically see your group as the point of entry into My RSpace – or if you are already in another section of my RSpace, select My LabGroups from the top scrolling menu. If necessary, find another group from the Change Group drop-down once on the group page.  To invite users once you have opened the group’s page, go to the Invite New Users column to the right of the group’s members table and click the blue ‘Invite’ button.

In the pop-up dialog which appears, there are two available show/hide sections for entering people to invite. The first, which is initially open, is to invite existing RSpace users. If this is what you want to do, start typing a name, username or email into the box – after a few characters have been entered, the autocomplete system offers any possible matches and refines the available options as you type. If no options appear or if the options disappear as more characters are added, the name you are searching for is not known to RSpace. If the person you are looking for appears in the drop-down, click to select and they will be added to the list as an email address within a pale blue block with an ‘X’, which can be used to remove them from the list at any time. You can now proceed to start typing again to make further selections to add to this list.

Clicking the bar below the list area, labelled ‘New Users’, will close the RSpace users area and open a new list area for inviting users who are not currently RSpace users (to sign up and then join your group). This section requires you to type a full email address into the box the press Return/Enter to add the address to the list. You can add people in both the new and existing users list before clicking the final ‘Invite’ button, and all entries in both lists will be contacted.


All addresses in the lists will receive an invitation, and will be added to a Sent Invitations list in your Invite New Users column. Pending invitations will remain here until you delete them; if users decline the invitation, they are removed from the invited list; if they accept, they’ll be added to the group.

Removing Users

To remove a user, click the ‘Remove’ link in their entry in the Group members table. As a side-effect, this will remove documents owned by the user from the Group Shared folder.

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