RSpace Inventory Hub 🧪

RSpace Inventory is a sample and inventory management module that integrates fully with RSpace, and is currently in development.

The production (Beta) release of Inventory is scheduled for the 8th of September 2021. After this date, all Enterprise customer instances will be upgraded to include Inventory, at no extra charge. Inventory development will continue after the Beta release as per the development roadmap and user feedback.

This page contains details on how to access the alpha version, information on our development progress, and how to get involved in providing feedback and signing up to receive updates.

Access the Inventory Alpha

The Alpha version is meant to give an idea of the functionality and interface of Inventory; only a limited number of features are implemented. The Alpha instance is not suitable for real-life use, and content on the instance might be deleted. As such, please do not use the instance for real-life sample tracking.

The most recent alpha release of Inventory is available at the link below. Use the sign-up code: inventory2020 when creating a new user, and you're good to start exploring, whether on a mobile or on a desktop device! The features currently implemented are documented in the roadmap and release summary down below.

Supporting materials

We've written up documentation on how the current Inventory features work:

The release section below summarises what workflows are supported and have been added to the most recent inventory alpha release.

ELN - Inventory Integration Demo

Watch the full "Supporting Reproducibility in a Connected Electronic Lab Notebook" RDA webinar on YouTube.

Provide Feedback & Get Notified

To provide feedback on Inventory Alpha, please fill in the following form:

To get updated on progress and feedback opportunities, fill in the following form:

If you have questions, bug reports, or have trouble accessing the alpha version, get in touch:

Development Progress

You can view our planned features and progress here:

Release #6 - June 2021

This release introduces our ELN - Inventory Integration! You can now add Lists of Materials to ELN document fields, enabling you to easily associate Inventory items to experiments, as well as update the quantities of items as you use them up from within the ELN. What is more, Lists of Materials are automatically included when printing ELN documents, and can also be printed out on their own!

5 minute overview video

  • ELN - Inventory Integration (Using Inventory Lists of Materials in the ELN 🧪):
    • add one or multiple Lists of Materials to ELN document fields
    • Give a custom name and description to a List
    • Search and add/remove items from Inventory to a List
    • Edit the used and remaining inventory quantities of an item (Edit Quantities in Lists of Materials)
    • Include the Lists in the print version of a document
    • Print a List on its own
    • Enable users with view-only permissions to a document to open the Lists in view mode
  • Filter items by specific owner, and enable advanced search everywhere: in containers, templates, Inventory Picker (Permissions and Sharing in Inventory)
  • Samples can be expanded to easily browse subsamples in tree view
  • Made visual container setup flow clearer
  • Various bug fixes and loading improvements

Release #5 - May 2021

This release is focused on permissions & sharing! We've implemented the foundations of open lab-type sharing, where members of your LabGroup can view and edit each other's samples. Email us to set up a test LabGroup and check out these features! We have also made improvements to navigation and selection.

Also, did you know that Inventory is being developed with an API-first approach? This means you can already explore the API through our Inventory Alpha instance, and all the actions that can be performed through the user interface can also be performed through the API. See Inventory API Introduction for more!

2 minute overview video

Email us to set up a test LabGroup:


Release #4 - April 2021

With this release, we bring out a major new feature: sample templates! We have made some general user experience improvements as well, see the video for more details.

What is more, our Inventory roadmap has been overhauled, and now includes detailed information on the exact dates that new releases will come out, as well as a date for the release of Inventory Beta: 8th September!

5 minute overview video



  • Create a template from a sample: reuse its fields, define which fields should have default values
  • Edit a template: add new fields, add or remove default values for the fields, add additional radio/choice field options
  • Template versions: update all samples to the latest version of a template, view the template version used on a sample, with the ability to update that specific sample to the latest version
  • View all samples created from a template
  • View and search templates

Detailed templates documentation is at Create and Use Sample Templates.


  • Replaced the location and type columns by the global ID of the item across the interface, which can be clicked to open, or right-clicked to copy a link to the item (Link to a Sample or Container (Global ID))
  • Further improved info popups: added global IDs of items, made more concise for containers (Navigate Inventory)
  • Added links to a subsample's sample when viewing a subsample in the right-panel, in info popups, and card view
  • Added an open button in the context menu when you click an item in grid or visual container view

We've also made performance improvements for image loading and uploading!

Release #3 - March 2021

In this release, we focused on improving navigation and the interface visuals!

2 minute overview video

  • A tree view, for easier navigation when you have a lot of nested items (Toggle Inventory and Container Views)
  • A card view, which shows the thumbnail image and more item details (Toggle Inventory and Container Views)
  • We added a splash of colour to the right-hand panel, to make different item types easily distinguishable (see video above!)
  • Info popups have been reworked include more useful information such as item global ID, owner, quantity for samples and subsamples, and a contents summary for containers (Navigate Inventory)
  • You can now specify and toggle the row and column labels for grid containers to be your preferred combination (Customise Axis Labels for Grid Containers)
  • Clearer status indicators when creating, editing, or viewing a deleted item

Release #2 - January 2021

2 minute overview video

Other feature and interface improvements based on user feedback include:

  • Split subsamples are now named equally (eg. subsample.08.1 and subsample.08.2)
  • Improved visual separation of fields and form sections
  • Character count is shown for text fields with limited length
  • Columns are now sorted in ascending order

Release #1 - November 2020

2 minute overview video

Detailed progress video

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