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RSpace Inventory is a sample and inventory management module that integrates fully with RSpace, and is currently in development with an estimated Beta release time of mid-2021.

This page contains details on how to access the alpha version, information on our development progress, and how to get involved in providing feedback and signing up to receive updates.

Access the Inventory Alpha

The Alpha version is meant to give an idea of the functionality and interface of Inventory; only a limited number of features are implemented. The Alpha instance is not suitable for real-life use, and content on the instance might be deleted. As such, please do not use the instance for real-life sample tracking.

The most recent alpha release of Inventory is available at the link below. Use the sign-up code: inventory2020 when creating a new user, and you're good to start exploring, whether on a mobile or on a desktop device! The features currently implemented are documented in the roadmap and release summary down below.

Supporting materials

We've written up documentation on how the current Inventory features work:

The release section below summarises what workflows are supported and have been added to the most recent inventory alpha release.

Provide Feedback & Get Notified

To provide feedback on Inventory Alpha, please fill in the following form:

To get updated on progress and feedback opportunities, fill in the following form:

If you have questions, bug reports, or have trouble accessing the alpha version, get in touch:

Development Progress

You can view our planned features and progress here:

Release #2 - January 2021

2 minute overview video

Other feature and interface improvements based on user feedback include:

  • Split subsamples are now named equally (eg. subsample.08.1 and subsample.08.2)
  • Improved visual separation of fields and form sections
  • Character count is shown for text fields with limited length
  • Columns are now sorted in ascending order

Release #1 - November 2020

2 minute overview video

Detailed progress video

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