Move Samples and Containers 🧪

Inventory is currently in development. Check out RSpace Inventory Hub if you wish to gain access to an alpha build.

To move samples and containers:

  1. When viewing an item, click on Move.

You can also move several items by selecting their checkboxes, and clicking on Move.

If you wish to move items that are already in a container, see Select Items in a Container.

Note that moving a sample will move all of its aliquots. If you wish to move only specific aliquots of a sample, scroll down to the bottom of the sample preview and select the desired aliquots there.

You can also search for specific aliquots by name, toggle the view, and filter by subsamples that you own.

  1. Browse the container tree to your desired target container and select it. You can click to expand/collapse containers that have inner containers. Containers that do not have enough space or are not suitable for this move action will be greyed out. To remove an item from a container, you can place it on the Workbench.
  1. For a list container, you can directly click Submit. In the case of a grid or visual container:
    1. Select locations by clicking on individual locations, or by click-and-dragging (on desktop). You can deselect with click/click-and-drag as well.
    2. You can hover over the info icon to see which items you are placing in which locations. You can also expand the selection panel to see which is the next item to be placed.
    3. Once you have selected locations for all the items you are moving, click on Submit.

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