Search Inventory 🧪

Inventory is currently in development. Check out RSpace Inventory Hub if you wish to gain access to an alpha build.

By default, the left panel will show all contents of whichever section you have selected in the sidebar: Samples or Containers.

You can search for specific items by typing in the searchbar and hitting enter, which will display all items that have field values matching your query.

You can save a search by clicking on the bookmark icon, which will save your query and search filter.

You can use the icon on the right of the search to filter the search results by type and/or by items that you own, and access your saved searches.

You can also determine whether you own an item based on the info icon: it will display as a people icon if the item is owned by someone else.

Mobile View

On a mobile device, you can open search by clicking on the search icon:

You can then type in your search and hit enter, then click on Show x results to view the results. You can also filter the results.

You can click on the cross to close the search menu.

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