Manual Smoke tests

This document describes a minimal series of tests to perform after a new RSpace installation, to ensure that it has been configured correctly for minimal core functionality.

1. File upload

Navigate to the Gallery and upload a jpeg, png or gif image file, either by Drag-and-Drop or via Import->File button. The image should appear. This test asserts that the file store exists and can be written to from RSpace.

2. Create a document

In workspace, click Create -> Basic Document and wait for a new document to appear. This tests

  • database configuration
  • license setup (documents can't be created if license is not set correctly)
3. Search (1)

In the document from step 2, type some text, for example ' 25 aliquots of serum were frozen in liquid nitrogen'. Save and close the document. In Workspace search bar, search for 'serum' or 'frozen'; this tests that database indexing is working correctly.

4. Search (2)

Upload a PDF, plain text or Office file containing some text. Search for a word; the document should appear in search results. This tests that indexing of text-based files is working properly.

5. Audit trail

In 'MyRSpace -> Auditing' click 'Get Audit report' which should retrieve a table of recent events. This tests that the audit log is both being written, and is readable

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