View and Search the Audit Trail

PIs  can search the audit trail and, like with searching through work in the Workspace, can filter their audit by one or more users in their group. In this way you can view recent activity by your group or by any chosen subset of it, or view the actions of specific group members.

To view and search the audit trail for work performed by group members:

  1. Go to the My RSpace tab and select Auditing from the top scrolling menu (you may need to scroll to see it).
  2. You simply see a set of filtering options and a button labelled Get Audit Report. Clicking this button without setting any filters will return an audit for all activity by all members of the group for all time it has existed. This is comprehensive and might be useful in some circumstances, but it is likely you will want to narrow the focus of  your audit, and you have simple but powerful tools available to get useful subsets of information.
  3. The first two filtering options, Actions and Date Range, are available to individual users to audit their own work but, in the hands of a PI with group-wide scope, they become more powerful and useful. For example, you can use a single filter to see all the times a specific action such as creating a document has been done by anyone in the group, or see all activity within a chosen week.
  4. As PI, you have the additional option to filter your audit by Users. Select Users in the filters list, then start typing to see autocomplete options of your group members who match your typing. Type again after selection to add more users, or click the ‘X’ to cancel the selection and return to auditing all of the group.
  5. You can use combinations of, or all of, the available filters to create fine-grained audit searches such as finding the Exports by three users in a particular month.
  6. When you have made your filtering selections, click the Get Audit Report button to return your report.
  7. The filter selection remains above your report – you can choose to add to or change your filters and re-submit to revise your results.

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