PI-created Lab Groups

Creation of new LabGroups by PIs: overview

This feature can used by PIs to create "subgroups" or to create LabGroups that segregate work associated with a specific project.

System Administrators must enable this on your RSpace instance. The system property self_service_labgroups is initially DENIED and must set to be ALLOWED.

Once enabled, any PI can create a LabGroup for the purpose of acting as a Project.

  • Click on ‘My RSpace’. If you are a PI, you should have a ‘create lab groups’ tab.
  • Click on 'create lab groups'. The new page allows you to create a lab group. By default YOU are the PI and you may only invite existing RSpace users. They do not need to be a member of your existing LabGroup. You do not need to invite anyone, the process will still complete.

  • Upon clicking ‘create labgroup’ and completing, a success message appears top right and you will be redirected to your new LabGroup.
  • If you invited users to the Group, you will see a section on the right - ‘Pending Invitations’ - with a list of all invitees. You may cancel any invitation. When someone accepts or rejects the invitation, they are removed from the list - this will be apparent if you refresh the page.

  • The new LabGroup acts in every way like a LabGroup created by an RSpace administrator - all member's data is visible to the PI, except for other PIs who join the LabGroup.
  • You can also delete the group. After clicking on `Delete Group` you will see a confirmation dialog and then be redirected to your profile page.
  • If a system admin transfers the PI role to another PI, the new PI will now acquire the permissions to delete the group.

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