Customise Axis Labels for Grid Containers 🧪

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You might wish to change the default axis labels of a grid container from the default.

  • The possible label values for rows and columns are: alphabetical (ABC), alphabetical reversed (CBA), numerical (N123) and numerical reversed (N321).
  • The default is rows using alphanumerical (ABC), and columns using numerical (N123).
  • You can use the same label type for rows and columns.
  • Changing this setting will only change the axis labels for that specific container.
  • Changing the axis labels will change the view for everyone who can see this container.

Customise axis labels

There are two ways to customise the axis labels:

  1. When creating a container, select a grid container, then click on the arrow to the right of Configure grid layout:
  2. When viewing an already created container:
    1. Click on the cog icon:
    2. You'll then be able to access the axis labels settings. After clicking Save, you'll see the updated axis labels.

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