Select Items in a Container 🧪

Inventory is currently in development. Check out RSpace Inventory Hub if you wish to gain access to a demo build.

Container views

All container types have a list view. For Grid and Visual containers, you can use the tabs under Locations and content to toggle between views.

Containers support cross-view selection: that is, if you select items in list view, then change to grid view, those same items will stay selected.

Selecting items

In list view, simply use the checkboxes to select items.

Grid and Visual views work similarly:

Hover over the info icon to view information about the item stored in that location

Click on an item to select it. All selected items will have a blue outline around them.

On desktop, you can also click-and-drag to select and deselect multiple locations. Clear Selection deselects all locations.

Selecting siblings

When you select a subsample, a blue outline will indicate selection, and an inner coloured outline will highlight all the siblings of that subsample (i.e. subsamples from the same sample). You can click on Select All to select all the siblings of subsamples you have selected.

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