Sharing Folder or Gallery Contents

It is not possible to directly share a folder from the Workspace or the Gallery with other users. This makes sharing events more granular and easier to track in the audit trail; it also prevents accidental sharing of large folder trees.

This article goes through various alternatives on how to achieve sharing a folder's contents. You might also be interested in the general documentation on collaboration and sharing.

Sharing items into a shared folder

You can enter the folder you'd like to share, select the relevant items, and share them into a new folder in the shared area.

You can share any additional items to that shared folder in the same manner.

If you wish to share Gallery items, you can create a single RSpace document, and use it as if it was a folder.

For example, you can add files from the Gallery to this document, and the users the document was shared with will then be able to access these Gallery items as they'll be part of the document's content.

Using a document to organise shared data

You can also create links pointing to other RSpace documents and folders (using the internal link tool), and if the users already have appropriate permissions, they'll be able to access the linked content. This could be useful if you want to let users easily access relevant documents, as you can annotate the links and explain why you are sharing them, and if you feel that simply sharing the documents into a shared folder would not be enough.

You will still have to share the documents with the users first, for them to be able to access them.

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