Collaboration Between Labs

Collaboration Groups enable two LabGroups to create a new, hybrid group containing some or all the members of the original LabGroups.

Setting up a Collaboration Group

The two PIs of the collaborating groups need to authorise the creation of a Collaboration Group. The sequence of actions is:

  1. One of the PIs (it doesn't matter which one, let's call her 'PIInviter' ) sends a request to the other PI (let's call him 'PIRecipient') to create a Collaboration Group.
  2. PIRecipient receives the request
  3. PIRecipient authorises the request
  4. RSpace creates the CollaborationGroup. At this stage it will just have two members - PIInviter and PIRecipient.
  5. Either PI can now invite people from either LabGroup to join the CollaborationGroup.

These steps are explained below in more detail:

Requesting a Collaboration

You can request a CollaborationGroup from either the Workspace messaging system:

or, since RSpace 1.69.7, from a LabGroup profile page:

  1. Start typing the name of the PI you want to form the group with, then select from the drop-down that appears
  2. Fill in any optional message
  3. Submit the form (you can leave 'Completion Date') blank.

Authorising a collaboration

This explains what to do if you are the recipient of a Collaboration Group request.

  1. View your messages
  2. If you are happy to create a Collaboration Group, set the Request to 'Accepted'
  3. Click 'Update and Reply' to confirm the acceptance
  4. RSpace will now create the Collaboration Group.
  5. You can view the group in MyRSpace -> Groups page:
  6. Initially the group has the two PIs as members. Either PI can invite people from either LabGroup to join:

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