The PI Workspace

The PI role does not prevent an RSpace user from using the Workspace and creating documents like any other user. The PI simply has the choice whether to do so or not. Some PIs will choose not to create content, and simply to manage their group from the MyRSpace group page, possibly with the assistance of more hands-on Lab Admins. Some PIs will create initial documents and protocols on the system, share them with the group and then monitor the work being produced based on their set-up. Others may actively operate in the Workspace creating, editing and sharing documents.

If you choose to work in the RSpace Workspace, you will find the basic document creation and file management functionality to be much the same as for any other user. The main difference is that a PI automatically has their group members’ work shared with them, enabling the PI to view all work produced in their group. By default, the group’s documents will be located in your shared folder, to keep a clear separation from your own work. If you choose to, you can easily view your group’s work folders at a click. In your toolbar filters, a button is added with PI status which looks like a group of head-and-shoulder figures, which gives a mouse-over pop-up saying ‘My LabGroup’. Clicking this button reorganises your Workspace to only display the home folders of users who are members of your LabGroup. You can then navigate into any folder and you will have permission to open and view documents.

For a more granular sub-set of your group – for example, if you regularly want to be checking four or five individuals – you can set their folders as Favourites, and then filter the Workspace using the Favourites filter to see only the selected folders. To do this, browse to or filter to be able to view the desired folders. Click their checkboxes in the Workspace table, and select ‘Add to Favourites’ from the menu which appears. The folders will now have a small star appended to their name in the list. Clicking the ‘Favourites star icon in the main toolbar will now only show the items you have marked.

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