Image Annotation

If you're looking to crop, flip, rotate or filter images, this is part of Editing Images.

Images in a document may be annotated with user-generated information specific to that instance of the image in that document. To annotate an image, double-click on an image in the text field to open the annotation dialog (tap and hold on tablet/mobile), then use the tools to add text, writing or drawn elements to the image.

  • The original image that was uploaded is unaffected.
  • Image annotations appear on PDF exports.
  • Image annotations are copied when a document is copied.

Annotations are made using the Sketcher, already covered in the Sketching. The only difference with an annotation is that there is a background base image rather than a blank canvas. So, a range of drawing tools are available in the left side of the sketcher window, and to the right, settings can be applied to any objects in the sketch/annotation when selected. Sketching or annotation can be done on a tablet using fingertip tap, swipe and draw gestures, or using a computer mouse.

Fragments of sketches can be selected and saved in the ‘Templates’ bar on the far right of the sketcher. These can then be re-used in any other diagram or image annotation during the current editing session. These saved elements are stored in the browser instance, so will remain available as long as the current browser is active, though they will not persist when the browser is closed and re-opened – this feature is effectively a multi-option visual clipboard.

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