Getting Started

This document provides guidance on getting started and help on how to use RSpace.

Feel free to use the search bar at the top of to find any topics of interest, or browse through the categories. The documentation covers the system and its capabilities, through document creation and on to file sharing, working in groups and on to exporting and archiving your work.

If you're using RSpace Enterprise

RSpace Enterprise is the on-premises deployment version of the RSpace electronic lab notebook. If you are familiar with RSpace from the Community version, some functionality will be broadly similar, but certain key areas are profoundly different, such as sharing documents and the creation of groups. We will clearly indicate in the documentation if a feature is only available in a specific version of RSpace, so don't worry about remembering!

If you are new to RSpace, fear not – we shall start at the beginning.

If you're using RSpace Community

On RSpace Community, you can sign yourself up for an account: RSpace will verify your email address as a point of contact and create a new user account.  From the default login page, click the ‘signup’ link underneath the main form to show the signup form.  Complete all the fields complying with any required formats and submit the form.  This will generate an email to the address you supplied containing a link to verify who you are – click the link, as it is time limited.  This will return you to RSpace as a verified new user, the signup button creates your account and you can log in for the first time.  New users who have been invited to sign up by an RSpace user will be verified by the original email and can sign up without a further email.

Signup to get started!

Getting started with RSpace

The following articles cover basic RSpace features and step-by-step guides on how to use them:

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