System Requirements for ResearchSpace (for System Admins)

The following information is only applicable to an Enterprise instance of RSpace.


This page lists the fundamental components of the RSpace application, and the software/hardware system set up needed. RSpace is a web-based application, so end-users can access all functionality through their browsers and no installation by users is necessary.

RSpace Components

  1. A Java web application packaged as .war web application file (provided by RSpace).
  2. An Apache Tomcat or similar web application server capable of running Java web applications (installed by host).
  3. A MySQL database server (installed by host).
  4. A database initialization script (provided by RSpace).
  5. A Filestore for storing media or other binary files uploaded into RSpace (provided by host).

Software Requirements for the Web Server

  • Java SDK version 8 or 11, openJDK-based build.
  • Apache web server v2.4. RSpace should be configured to support HTTPS using Apache ssl modules
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.
  • MySQL database server 5.7.
  • These components are on standard packages in latest Ubuntu18 and Debian 9 OS
  • All of these can be installed by the customer IT team but remote install by our technicians is strongly recommended.
  • We supply an auxiliary Java application to run on the server to perform document conversions to/from MSOffice format.
  • If you want us to do a full end-to-end installation it would be helpful if you can download the above components to your server in advance of your installation appointment.

Hardware Requirements

  • A Linux-based server with at least 8Gb RAM ( Ubuntu and RedHat Linux are all known to work; we expect other mainstream Linux distributions to work as well).
  • Sufficient file storage, writable from the web application, to store files uploaded by end users. The default Filestore is a simple file-system accessible from the web server; RSpace just needs to be told the top-level folder of the file-system.
  • Sufficient disk space for MySQL database; as a rough initial estimate, 10-50Mb per user should be ample to begin with since files and raw data are stored on the filestore, not in the database.

Browser Requirements for End-Users

A modern, Javascript-enabled browser is essential for the HTML5 Canvas elements we use for sketching and image annotation. We currently aim to support versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome no more than 2 years old. Please note we do not support Internet Explorer or Edge browsers and will not address issues specific to these browsers.

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