Exporting a LabGroup’s Work

While PIs can export work by individual users and selections of users from their Workspace, you also have the option to export your entire LabGroup’s work to PDF, HTML or XML from the management view of the group. To do this, simply go to the Group page (My RSpace -> if necessary, change group), then click on the ‘Export LabGroup’s Work’ button in the top right of the screen. Exporting a LabGroup’s work is a useful tool for archiving and research data management.

As with exports from the Workspace, the HTML and XML export options in the dialog will include all of your documents, notebooks and attachments in the export, packaged up into a zip file. The Zip will be stored on the server; you will receive a notification with a time-limited download link to take it outside RSpace.

The PDF option in the Export dialog will offer you further configuration options, and will ultimately create a single PDF with multiple documents appended to each other. The PDF will be added to your Gallery’s PDFs section and you can view, share or export it from there or simply store it there with easy access when required.

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