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You can easily update quantities of Inventory items as you use them up during experiments while editing an ELN document.

The List of Materials table displays:

  • Consumed Quantity: the cumulative quantity of the item used in this experiment
  • Inventory Quantity: the automatically calculated remaining quantity of the item, based on the quantity recorded in inventory, minus the consumed quantities of this item across all Lists of Materials (as long as "Update Inventory Quantity" is chosen when updating consumed quantities). This is also the quantity shown when viewing the item in Inventory.
Updating quantities only works for subsamples.

Update Consumed Quantity of an Item

  1. Click on the consumed quantity entry.
  2. Adjust the cumulative used quantity in the slide-out panel: that is, if you've already used 3ml, and have now used an extra 1ml, the value entered should be 4ml. Note that you can change the unit used as well.
  3. Decide whether you want the inventory quantity to be updated as well (default). The inventory quantity will be calculated based on the consumed quantity, and update the item's quantity in Inventory.

    However, you cannot fill in a consumed quantity greater than the inventory quantity if "Update Inventory Quantity" is checked. In the case where there is a mistake in the inventory quantity value, and you wish to fill in the correct and larger value for consumed quantity, leave "Update Inventory Quantity" unchecked. This will enable you to increase the consumed quantity as much as desired, and you can then manually edit the subsample's inventory quantity inside of Inventory later (see below).

    Click Done when you are happy with your choice.
  4. Your changes will be reflected in the table. Remember to Save your List to confirm these changes.

Update Inventory Quantity of an Item

If there is a mistake in the amount of inventory quantity recorded, you can correct this by manually editing the subsample's quantity within Inventory. To do so:

  1. Click on the item's Global ID in the List of Materials.
  2. This will open the item in Inventory. Click on Edit.
  3. Scroll down to Quantity, which displays the inventory quantity, and edit it to reflect the actual remaining quantity. Finally, Save the item.
  1. After refreshing the ELN document, you will be able to see the updated inventory quantity in the List of Materials. The consumed quantity will not be affected.

Example of Editing Quantities

This explains a worked example to edit quantities in a List Of Materials.

We start off with two subsamples in our List of Materials. Initially, the list displays how much is remaining (100µl for both samples) and that this experiment has used 0µl.

  1. We use 5µl and choose to update the remaining inventory quantity, by clicking on the consumed quantity entry, typing in 5 in the input box, and checking "Update Inventory Quantity":
  1. After clicking 'Done', our consumed quantity is set to 5µl, and the inventory quantity updates to show 95µl remaining:

To persist the changes when you are done editing the List Of Materials, click 'Save'.
  1. Now, we use another 5µl. We set the consumed quantity to 10µl - the cumulative total of what we have used so far. Again, we choose to update the inventory quantity. After clicking 'Done', 90µl is shown as remaining in inventory:
  1. Next, we use 5µl of the second item but accidentally mis-record this as 55µl:
  1. We can easily fix this by re-editing and setting the correct quantity of 5µl. After saving and reopening our list, we will see the correct remaining quantity of 95µl.
  1. Now let's imagine a scenario where there is a discrepancy in quantity between the Inventory software and real-life. For example, we are in the middle of an experiment and have used 40µl of a sample, but the software says only 20µl is remaining. In this case, we can still go ahead and record what was used, and choose not to update the inventory quantity. We can resolve the discrepancy later, by editing the subsample's quantity inside of Inventory (see above).
    Initially 'Done' is disabled, because the 'Update remaining' button is checked, and we are trying to use more than is remaining:

After unchecking 'Update Inventory Quantity' we can apply the change:

So the experimental record is accurate when it comes to consumed quantity, even if there is a discrepancy in Inventory when it comes to Inventory quantity:

We can then open Inventory and manually edit the sample's remaining quantity to the correct value:

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