ownCloud Integration

You can now easily link to, or import content from, an ownCloud server.

If your organisation is using a custom variant of ownCloud (eg. SWITCHdrive or SURFdrive), the ownCloud integration will require additional configuration work; file linking will not work without the extra setup. Please arrange a discussion between the managers of the custom system and RSpace in order to properly set up the integration. More information is available at Setting up an ownCloud Integration

Connecting to ownCloud

  1. First of all, in Owncloud, go to the 'Security' tab in your settings panel and add RSpace to your CORS whitelisted domains, then click Add. For example if your RSpace is at https://myrspace.somwehere.com then add this as a whitelisted domain.
  2. Now, ensure ownCloud is enabled within the Apps section. If you can’t see this button then please ask your RSpace administrator if you would like this service enabled.
  1. Then click on the Connect button which send you across to ownCloud's login system for you to validate your ownCloud account.
  1. After validation is complete you will be returned to RSpace and ready to insert items from your ownCloud into a document. Please note that if your organisation is using a custom variant of ownCloud, the integration will not work out-of-the-box (see the note at the top of this article).


Inserting an ownCloud file into a Document

  1. Click on the Insert from ownCloud button within the editor.

  1. After choosing this option and authenticating, you can insert one or more links to files or folders.
  1.  You should now see your ownCloud file attached to your RSpace document.
  1. If you then want to review the item, clicking on it within the RSpace document will open up the ownCloud file location within a new tab. If you have since logged out from ownCloud, you will be asked to login first before you can see the file.

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