Sharing Documents in a Group

When sharing a document or documents within a group, you can choose to share with one or more entire groups at once, with any selected individuals from within those groups, or with combinations of whole groups and selected other individuals. In addition to sharing documents with other users within their group, you can also share documents with individuals outside of groups via an email contact, which then requires the invitation to be accepted before sharing occurs. In a group where you have the PI role, you will automatically have read permission on all work created by all members of your LabGroup.

The groups you are able to share with are available as selectable options in the ‘Share’ dialog’s Share with Groups block; clicking the Share with Users bar hides the Groups block and opens a new area again showing individual selectable options for each user you are in a group with. Choosing any of the available options in either of these blocks, then clicking ’Share’ immediately shares the selected document(s) with the selected groups or users, and permissions to read or edit are set on each selection.

The following paragraph is only applicable to RSpace Community

This multiple selection scope extends in a third block (labelled Share with Others) to include sharing with Groups you are not a member of, and email invitations offering to share with non-group individuals, both RSpace users and non-RSpace users. To select a group you are not a member of, start typing in the box and select the group when it appears in the autocomplete – you can browse all groups in the Directory to find groups you might want to share with. Find or enter any email for the individual, and add a comma and space to start adding another. Remember, these email invites are only shared once the recipient accepts.

While permissions are set in each group or individual share, these can be altered later if required in the ‘Manage Shared Records’ section of My RSpace. Although only one block is visible to enter share options at any time, the targets entered across all three blocks will all be applied when the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the dialog is clicked.

To share a document:

  1. In the Workspace view, select the checkbox of one or more documents.
  2. In the options which appear above the documents table, click ‘Share’
  3. Select the group(s) or individual(s) you want to share with, and set permissions for each in the pop-up dialog.
  4. When all desired sharing targets are selected, click the ‘Share’ button.

The shared documents will be marked with a blue ‘Shared’ icon in the main Workspace, and will appear in the ‘Shared’ folder under the appropriate group or individual folder:


Other Document Sharing Features

New group members automatically see other members’ shared documents. If a user is removed from a group, they will no longer see shared documents. Deletion of a whole group will ‘unshare’ all previously shared documents between group members. Within the shared folder, there are limited abilities to create or  modify the shared folder system – this is to ensure that documents are always created privately and then shared.

To unshare a shared document, access your My RSpace from the top level tab and select ‘Manage Shared Records’ from the scrolling menu. In the list of shared documents, locate the document you no longer want to share and in the furthest-right ‘Actions’ column, click ‘Unshare’. The Manage Shared Records page also gives you the option to change the permissions that were previously set on any shared document.

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