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Inventory is currently in development. Check out RSpace Inventory Hub if you wish to gain access to a demo build.


Various actions can be performed on samples and containers, such as:

  • info
  • edit
  • duplicate
  • move
  • delete
  • transfer
  • split (for subsamples only)
  • create template (for samples only)

Actions can be accessed right below the title of an item in view mode:

Actions are also available within a context menu that appears wherever item checkboxes can be selected, which allows for bulk actions:

On smaller screens, all context actions might not be visible: use the More actions icon to access all the other actions.


Click on Info to view information about the item, such as date created and modified. The barcode is a placeholder image for now. Click on the arrow to close the panel.


To edit a sample, subsample or container:

  1. When viewing the item, click on the Edit icon.
  1. You can now make edits to the fields. Some fields, such as the container type, cannot be changed after creation. Click on Save when done to confirm the changes.


You can duplicate items by clicking on Duplicate. If you are duplicating a subsample, the sample's total quantity will be increased to account for this additional subsample.


Moving is documented in Move Samples and Containers.


You can delete items by clicking on the Delete icon when viewing them:

You can also bulk delete by selecting items using their checkboxes in the left panel, then selecting Delete:

A deleted item can still be viewed when searching for its global ID; a deleted status indicator is present, and editing and other actions are not available.


Transferring is documented in Permissions and Sharing in Inventory.


You can only split subsamples.

To split a subsample:

  1. When viewing a sample, scroll down and select the subsample using the checkbox, then choose Split from the context menu, or choose Split from the context menu when viewing a subsample.
  1. Input the total number of subsamples you want to split this subsample into, then click on Split.
  1. The quantity of the original subsample will be split among the resulting subsamples evenly.

If you wish to split a subsample into uneven quantities, you can duplicate the subsample and edit the quantities to reflect the split.

Create Template

You can only create a template from a sample.

Creating templates is documented in Create and Use Sample Templates.

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