Viewing and Organising Group Work

The essential concept to understanding viewing and organising group work is understanding Home and Shared folders and the PI’s relationship to them. The main driver of this relationship is that the PI has the ability to see all the work created by members of their group, while group members don’t see other members work unless it has been explicitly shared with individuals or with all of the group.

All users including the PI have a Home folder, where they create work, and where they keep work they own but have shared with others. They all also have a shared folder, where work that has been shared with them can be accessed and, permissions allowing, be worked on. As PI, you can still create private work in your home folder, and you can also choose to share any of your work with individuals or the group. But, work created by group members is automatically shared with the PI and is available for viewing in your Shared folder.

View Content Created by Group Members

So, as PI, you can navigate into your group members’ home folders via the Shared folder and view any documents. Documents created by group members are searchable in your Workspace – you can, for example, search by user to return a list of documents created by one group member.

Organise Content Shared within the Group

Within the shared folder, admins and PIs can create folders and move content around. Note that shared documents can’t be moved from the Shared folder to a user’s home folder, but the user can create a clone of the shared file to save to their home folder if desired.

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